How Talent Engaged Tuition Works

Learn how things work at Talent Engaged Tuition


Getting started with tuition is a simple, 3-step process

1) Book a free trial

Click here to book a free trial for your child. This process will give you an opportunity to meet our team, explore our facilities and test the classroom environment for yourselves.

2) Visit our centre

When you visit our centre, we’ll ask your child to complete a 30-minute test and the results will help us identify what your child needs help with the most. We will also arrange your free trial lesson.

3) Start learning!

Once we know what support your child needs and you’ve tried our classes, all you have to do is register and you can start lessons that same week!


From registration to classroom, here’s a breakdown of how our tuition centre works

Personalised support & guidance

Rather than just signing you up for tuition, we like to sit down with parents & students to learn more about them. What do you enjoy? What challenges you? Only by understanding these things can we help children develop an organised, efficient and effective learning mentality.

Mentoring & advice

We understand that making decisions about education and careers can be difficult and stressful. That’s why we’re always happy to offer students advice– especially those studying GCSE and A-Levels — to help them navigate subject and career options.

Bespoke Syllabus

Like private schools, we have dedicated Subject Coordinators building our bespoke syllabus (fully aligned to the National Curriculum). This central control allows us to plan lessons for the entire year and cover everything students need to learn for exams.

Assessments every 6 weeks

After 5 weeks of learning a particular set of topics, students are tested on week 6 to assess how much they’ve learnt. The results show us where the student is successful, but also gives us an idea of where there is room for improvement so that we can reinforce those topics.

Zero-tolerance for bad behaviour

We only accept students that actually want to learn. For that reason, to create a pleasant, productive and positive learning environment, we do not tolerate bad behaviour. Any students disrupting lessons will be given a warning and if it continues, dismissed from our tuition centre.

Homework for every lesson

Every student receives approximately 30 minutes worth of homework for each hour of tuition. We find it’s a good amount of work that will keep their brains stimulated outside of school & tuition, without being too stressful.

Parent conferences

Want regular updates about how your child is progressing? Every 12 weeks we organise a parent conference, allowing parents to catch up with tutors and ask any questions.

Qualified & Experienced Tutors

We only use UK qualified and experienced tutors that are either active/experienced school teachers, or industry professionals like trainee doctors, dentists and engineers that are currently working in their respective fields.

Regular feedback

Our tutors make short notes about your child’s attendance, involvement and attitude for every lesson. These notes are then emailed to you so that you have regular, up-to-date feedback about how they are performing in class.

Small classes

Schools can overcrowd classrooms with 25-30 children at one go, making it difficult to give them individual attention. Our centre maintains an average of 6-8 students per class so that everyone gets the support they need to succeed.


Discover how we can unlock¬†your child’s potential with a free trial at our tuition centre.