Key frequently asked questions that customers always ask us

Are you Ofsted registered?

Yes, see our Ofsted page for more information on what this means and how it might be able to benefit you.

How long has Talent Engaged Tuition been operating?

Talent Engaged Tuition has been successfully providing top quality tutoring services to the local communities since November 2012.

Which days & times are the lessons?

Our lessons run on weekday evenings from 4.30-9pm and 10-4pm on weekends. Once we have completed the initial assessment & consultation, your child will be allocated to suitable classes based on their age and academic ability. Students are split into groups, like sets in schools. We have a number of groups available during the weekday evenings and weekends.

Do you offer 1-1 or group lessons?

We offer options of both.

How much do lessons cost?

We do our best to offer customers value for money. We have a variety of packages available based on the number of subjects and lessons you enroll on too. An average hourly cost is around £15ph.

Do you use qualified tutors?

All our tutors are fully qualified to teach the lessons they cover. Some of our tutors are qualified teachers teach at schools and others are trained tutors highly qualified in their field. Our tutors are qualified from top British universities. All tutors at Talent Engaged Tuition undergo rigorous tutor training prior to teaching students and also receive regular training to ensure top quality teaching is provided to our students.

How many students are there in a class?

We have an average of 6 students per class, with a maximum of 9. This means that each student gets that individual attention every lesson because our tutors can spend adequate time with each student. We understand that although students should be challenged, they should not feel rushed and there should be plenty of time allowed to make sure they fully understand everything they are being taught.

Does Talent Engaged Tuition work alongside what my child is learning at school?

Yes. The Talent Engaged Tuition curriculum is aligned to the National Curriculum. Our tutors are trained to teach using Curriculum approved teaching methods to ensure that the children have consistency with how they learn at school. This means that your child can always take the skills that they have learnt with us back into the classroom.

Will my child receive homework?

Yes, your child will receive homework for every lesson they attend and will be expected to submit the set homework back the following week. We aim to set enough homework to keep your child stimulated throughout the week, without infringing on their school commitments. Homework ranges in difficulty to build confidence and challenge the students. All homework will be taken in for marking and issued back to the students.

How do you monitor my child’s progress?

Every six weeks we set exams for our students which are tailored to include all the topics they have studied in the previous 5 weeks. This continuous assessment ensures your child stays in the right class suited to their level and will allow you to see for yourself the progress they are making. We use state of the art systems to track student progress.

How long will it take for me to see results in my child’s progression?

This is a question that truly reflects on each individual student and how much contribution to homework, classwork and revision they are willing to undertake. More or less, all of the students at Talent Engaged Tuition are dedicated and passionate students who want to learn and want to do well and are supported strongly by their families. We believe in pushing students and getting them to meet their true potential and beyond. On average, we have noticed that students can move up an academic level in about 6-8 months of joining. We are here for your child to progress!

Am I tied into a long term contract with Talent Engaged Tuition?

No not at all, we believe that each customer should have the freedom to choose which service they use. We truly believe that our tuition programs will keep customers returning because of the results achieved.If you would like to terminate your child’s lessons all you need to do is let us know.

Are teachers vetted?

Yes. As a Registered Body with the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) (formerly the CRB) we carry out Enhanced DBS Criminal Background checks on all applicants. This is the most in depth check which can be carried out in the UK. We interview ALL tutors.

What measures do you take to ensure the health and safety of my child/children?

Each of our tuition centres has first aid trained and fire safety trained. As we are registered with Ofsted we must consistently meet their strict regulations of child well being and health and safety.

If you have any further questions, contact us today and a member of our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.