How tuition helps

Tutoring children from a young age helps raise their overall intelligence by stimulating the mind while still in the formative years.

Studies have proven that children benefit greatly when engaged in extra-curricular activities, such as learning a foreign language or a musical instrument. Learning key skills in Science, Maths & English in the same way – the younger the child, the better they acquire the skills. Our bespoke programs  have been formulated to harness the potential of children while they are young and bring out the best in them for years to come.

There are a number of benefits when taking extra tuition outside of school which are:

– Improved performance at school
– Improved individual performance
– Improved commitment
– Motivated Students
– Supported personal development
– Course planning

The results of attending tuition reported were improvements in:

– Productivity
– Improved SATs results
– Higher grades
– Understanding of exam procedures
– Increase knowledge base

Students receiving tuition reported improvements in:

– Improved confidence and motivation
– Improved relationships with school
– Improved studying technique
– Improved knowledge base

Research has shown that tuition:

– Improve attitudes to school and attendance at school
– Help to raise self-esteem
– Helps young people become better learners
– Helps young people who struggle with motivation at school to become more committed to learning