How we can support schools and their students

Talent Engaged Tuition has worked with hundreds of students of all ages and abilities, providing targeted tuition that delivers results. We have a track record of delivering high-quality tuition for schools and local government organisations, funded through LAC and Pupil Premium. We understand the challenges faced by schools to provide students with valuable interventions. Our lessons are designed to ensure national curriculum standards are met.

We are committed to working in the local community helping reach literacy and numeracy targets. With regular workshops in schools and our centre, our aim is to help raise attainment for students of all ages and abilities and provide support for pupils from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Tuition is one of the most influential ways to educate students, we instill invaluable study skills pupils can use well outside of the classroom. We also have a strong understanding of the exams that young people take. This allows us to provide exam practice and skills in addition to that offered by schools.


1-1 Tuition

For students who have fallen behind or face other challenges, 1-1 tuition can be the most powerful intervention in terms of enabling academic catch up, improvements in confidence and more effective engagement in classroom learning.

Small Group Tuition

Targeted intervention can make the difference to progress for students struggling in a mainstream classroom or for students who are looking to secure higher grades. Our subject specialist tutors have evidenced outcomes across the key stages and are up to date in National Curriculum delivery and knowledge of the relevant exam boards.

Alternative Provision

Our AP Service is a full or part time education provision for those at risk of exclusion or unable to fully attend school. Our bespoke, personalised academic programmes are tailored to the social, emotional and academic needs of the young person and aim for reintegration or a smooth transition to further learning.

Exam Revision Booster Classes

Our personalised, small group exam revision classes, delivered at the school’s convenience in the run up to any examination series, can transform outcomes; differentiating for weaker students and accelerating stronger students.

Summer School

Summer School Programme can be tailored to the requirements of the individual school and targeted cohorts. Specific proposal available on request.

Bespoke Programmes

We provide a fully bespoke option that we can tailor to your school’s requirements.


Why consider Talent Engaged Tuition for your school?

First and foremost, we have a proven record of helping students achieve their goals and become competent learners. A level of satisfaction that high is only achieved when our tutors are utterly committed to educational attainment for every student.

Qualified & experienced tutors

We only use qualified and experienced tutors that are either active/experienced school teachers, or industry professionals like trainee doctors, dentists and engineers that are currently working in their respective fields. Majority of our qualified teachers are hired from local schools, giving us a solid insight into the needs of local students.

How Talent Engaged Tuition benefits schools

  • Establish challenging, detailed success criteria & share with students
  • Collaborate with schools & teachers to determine skills gaps and create clear plans for progress
  • Provide regular feedback and produce progress reports for each session
  • Deliver personalised tutoring sessions that targets specific knowledge gaps & curriculum

Other reasons to choose our personal tutors

  • Offer tuition to fill crucial knowledge gaps
  • Provide training in life skills to supplement academic skill
  • Create customised programmes to address each student’s needs
  • Deliver engaging tutoring sessions with a clear purpose and objective
  • Most importantly, our tutors adhere to strict security protocols. Each tutor is locally recruited based on their aptitude in their area of study, their ability to communicate with pupils, and their suitability to work with children. Each tutor is DBS-checked and competent in creating safe and appropriate learning environments.


Our services can be delivered either in our local tuition centres or, if preferred, on school premises. If you have pupil premium to spend and need to ensure that a child’s educational entitlement is delivered, we can help. Talent Engaged Tuition will ensure delivery of a value-added service that will deliver outstanding results.

For more information about how Talent Engaged Tuition can help in your school, contact us using the form on this page or call 0203 504 4040.

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