Making The Most Out Of Tuition

In order to achieve maximum benefit from tuition, students should observe the following rules:

  1. Attend every lesson – to gain maximum benefit and to eliminate areas of weakness all students are strongly advised to attend every lesson.
  2. Ensure every point discussed is thoroughly understood – Students should ensure they ask questions to clarify any areas of weakness. This will further allow them to complete the homework task which is likely to be covering the same area of the syllabus.
  3. Concentrate in lessons – drink lots of water keep hydrated to maintain levels of concentration. This will allow students to be more receptive and understand more elaborate topics.
  4. Always complete the task set to best of your ability – Trying to finish first or not trying your best renders the tutor as well as the student incapable of identifying weaknesses. This may also result in an inaccurate end of term report.
  5. Always participate in every activity – Participating in activities allows the tutor to determine the understanding of a student in the topic at hand.  A lack of participation both in the Talent Engaged tuition centre and school could result in lower end of term grades.
  6. Homework completion– Always ensure that the homework set is understood, written down and completed on time.
  7. Background reading – always keep on top of things by making use of the scheme of work available in the centre office. This allows students to know which topics have been covered and which topics are going to be covered in subsequent lessons. Thus providing them with the opportunity of doing some background reading.
  8. Lesson feedback – Always provide your tutor or centre manager with feedback. Whether you feel a particular lesson went well or not so well, make your tutor aware of this. This will allow us to make lessons more effective for you in the future.