Summer School in Sparkhill, Birmingham

Primary, Key Stage 3 & GCSE Booster classes.
From 22nd July until 1st September 2019.
Starting from just £7.00 per hour*.


Primary Students (Y1 – Y6)

Running from 10am – 3pm (Monday to Friday), Summer School is a great opportunity to prepare your children for the challenges of the next academic year, give them an early advantage and boost their confidence.

To make it enjoyable for the kids, we include a 45-minute playtime session at the end of the day. After all, it is their summer holiday! This works as a good incentive to keep them focused during classes, and allows them to make new friends too.

It’s super flexible, so you can choose to attend one day (or five), attending the full day (or just 2 hours of tuition) and between 2 weeks or 6.

Spaces are limited, so reserve your place quickly!

Secondary Students (Y7 – Y11)

Secondary students have two options: Half Syllabus (1 day) and Complete Syllabus (2 days).

Half Syllabus involves attending 3 hours of tuition (one hour for Maths, English & Science) on 1 day per week. With this option, students learn half of the resources we’ve prepared for the curriculum.

Complete Syllabus involves attending 2 days per week, 3 hours each day. This allows us to teach everything we’ve prepared for the new academic year and send your child into September with an early advantage over other students.

Spaces are limited, so reserve your place quickly!


By covering next year’s key topics over summer, your children can go back to school feeling more confident & better prepared than ever.


Cover the first critical topics of their new academic year, ensuring a good start to their course.


Students can close any gaps in understanding from the previous year, ensuring a strong start to the new one.


Give your child confidence by making them comfortable with the requirements of the coming academic year.


With a confidence boost & an opportunity to cover difficult topics, students will be in a better position to improve their grades.


Primary - Y1 to Y6

per hour*
*based on 5 hours (one day)

Days: Monday to Friday

Timings: 10am – 3pm
(4 hours of tuition + 1 hour of lunch/games)

Subjects: Maths & English

KS3 - Y7 & Y8

per hour*
*based on 6 hours per week

Days: Monday to Friday

Timings: 10am – 1pm

Subjects: Maths, English & Science

GCSE - Y9, Y10 & Y11

per hour*
*based on 6 hours per week

Days: Monday to Friday

Timings: 10am – 1pm

Subjects: Maths, English & Science

If you receive Working Tax Credit through HMRC, you may be eligible to claim up to £105 per student (per week) towards your fees.
Get in touch for more information.


A few reasons why your child will succeed by studying at Talent Engaged Tuition

Ofsted Registered Tuition Centre

Being Ofsted registered means that you can be confident that your child will be educated in a safe & secure environment.

Results-Driven Tuition Centre

Our bespoke syllabus, paired with a high standard of teaching, has enabled students to produce fantastic results year after year.

Regular Parent Conferences

Provides an opportunity for parents to get feedback and discuss next steps with tutors every 12 weeks.

Qualified & Experienced Tutors

To ensure a high-quality learning environment & the best results, we only hire UK qualified & experienced tutors/teachers.

Homework for every lesson

To keep our students’ stimulated outside of school and tuition, we give 30 minutes of homework for every hour of tuition.

Personalised support & guidance

Students receive the support & guidance they need to develop an organised, efficient & effective learning mentality.

Bespoke Curriculum

We teach our bespoke syllabus, created by dedicated subject coordinators, that is fully aligned to the National Curriculum.

Assessments Every 6 Weeks

Students sit an assessment every 6 weeks, which gives you a regular, real-time update on their academic performance.

Modern education facilities

We’ve created a positive environment where students learn in modern, well-lit classrooms on comfortable independent desks.


90% of students gained entry to 1st choice school
87% of students scored above 110 points
94% of GCSE students achieved minimum C grade
85% of A-Level students achieved minimum B grade


Talent Engaged Tuition is the best thing I have ever done for my child Krish. Studying at Talent Engaged Tuition for over the last 3 months Krish has been able to think faster and has become more confident in general and progressed very well in Maths & English.

– Mrs. Gill


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