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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the Initial Assessment?

We test children based on their current academic year in Maths, English and Science (Year 7 and older). This typically lasts 35 minutes and gives us an overview of their current levels.

What if I don’t want to sign up?

The entire process — from the initial assessment to trial lesson — is free with no obligation. If you decide our centre isn’t right for you, no hard feelings!

Can you test my child for specific subjects?

Unfortunately not. Our assessments are designed to test your child across Maths, English and Science for a more complete view of their ability. (Primary students only get tested in Maths & English).

How soon can I start?

Once you’ve completed the free initial assessment, feel happy with our centre and have completed your registration, you can start the very next day!

How do payments work?

You will be charged for tuition every 4 weeks, which needs to be paid in advance when you sign up. If you pay for 12 weeks or more upfront, we can arrange a discount.

How is my child tested?

For children in Year 5 and above, the initial assessment is completed on a tablet with multiple-choice questions. For all classwork, however, students will use paper and pen.