How We’re Keeping Your Children Safe: COVID-19

From steam cleaning to social distancing; here’s a summary of everything we’re doing to protect your family.

Safety Measures at Talent Engaged Tuition

Temperature Checks Upon Entry

As soon as anyone enters the centre – meaning students, parents, teachers or staff – we will check your temperature. Anybody showing signs of a high temperature will be asked to return home.

Masks in classrooms

Although all of our classrooms are air-conditioned, we request for all of our tutors and students to wear masks during lesson times.

Hand sanitisation

Everyone is required to clean their hands using our provided hand sanitisation stand upon entry. Of course, we request that parents remind their children to wash their hands thoroughly and regularly as well.

40% smaller classes! 

Our typical classroom capacity is between 10-12 students, however, to maintain comfortable and safe distances, we’re limiting group sizes to an average of just 6-8 students.

As an added bonus, all students get more tutor attention!

Air conditioned rooms

Air quality is important. That’s why the entire tuition centre is air conditioned for a constant flow of fresh, clean air. We turn these on before students arrive to ensure it’s pleasant and cool by the time their lesson starts.

Daily deep cleans

Our cleaners come in on a daily basis to steam clean all of the classrooms, toilets and any contact surfaces. To be extra safe, we then use antibacterial spray to wipe down all desks & tables too.

Spaced out timetables

Wherever possible, we have spaced out lessons across the week to avoid congestion in the centre. This means less people will be present at the centre on any given day, giving everyone more space and making social distancing easier.

Regular hand washing

Children encouraged to wash hands regularly throughout the day, in addition to the hand sanitisation upon entry. This helps to prevent the spread of any possible germs and maintains a high level of hygiene for all.

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