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What parents say

“Both my Daughter and Son Talent Engaged Tuition in Alperton. They were both slightly struggling with their Maths and the classes have led to a big improvement. The English classes have also helped them improve further. The classes that run over the holidays from 10-3 one day a week are also really good as not only does it keep them entertained one day a week but also helps them maintain both their Math and English skills. I would highly recommend these classes.”

Jay Raichura

Primary student’s parent

“Talent Engaged Tuition is the best thing I have ever done for my child Krish. Studying at Talent Engaged Tuition for over the last 3 months Krish has been able to think faster and has become more confident in general and progressed very well in Maths & English.”

Mrs. Gill

Mother of Krish, Harrow

“Talent Engaged Tuition has helped my son to get a scholarship at one of the top schools in the UK (Harrow). My son was a late applicant and he had to be prepared for the ISEB test in a very short time and this centre helped him tremendously. Thank you.”

Wissal Bakir

11+ student’s parent

“I would highly recommend Talent Engaged Tuition as they are a fantastic tutoring service that really focus on quality and customer satisfaction. They guided my son Sandip through the 11+ entrance exams and Sandip was offered a place at the Tiffin Boys School and Langley Grammar School. I shall definitely continue to send Sandip to Talent Engaged Tuition for many years to come.”

Mr. Desai

Father of Sandip, Wembley Park

“Talent engaged tuition is the best place you can send your children, they have some of the best professional teachers in the country. Talent engaged tuition is affordable, flexible tuition, my son and daughter both attend for past year and they have made amazing progress within school and my son has improved so much that he is in top set for all his subjects. I would recommend talent engaged tuition to any parent who wants to build their children’s confidence in academic environment.”

Sadia Farah

GCSE student’s parent

“I would like to thank everyone at Talent Engaged Tuition for supporting my son Gavin through his AS Maths exams. Definitely will be sending my daughter Stephanie next term and will be highly recommending you guys.”

Marie Gibb

Mother of Gavin, Perivale

“My son started going to TET half way through year 10. I have definitly seen an improvement in his school tests and in his general understanding of some of the core subjects. This has led to an increase in confidence, particularly in the subjects he was weaker in. The team that run TET seem to take a good pastoral approach as well as academic when looking at my son’s needs which has been great. The team that run TET have been professional and supportive and my son will continue with TET until he completes his year 11 exams (GCSEs). Many thanks to the TET team.”

S Al-Jibouri

GCSE student’s parent

“I would like to thank everyone at Talent Engaged tuition for providing my son Naresh with all the support and guidance with his 11+ entrance exams for Tiffin Boys School.”

Alpa Patel

Thank you Talent Engaged Tuition

“Loved the positive attitude from the person running the tuition centre which is why we signed up. My son has enjoyed his lessons so far, looks forward to attending them each week. Both his confidence and attitude to learning has improved. Although we have not been here long however I can definitely recommend Talent Engaged from the positive changes I have seen in my son.”

Zahida Khan

Primary student’s parent

“Highly recommended tuition centre with very friendly and professional staff. I am updated about my child’s behaviour, participation in lessons and her effort in class after each lesson via email. My child is happy to attend and made evident progress in just 3 months.”

Joseph Silva

KS3 student’s parent

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