A-Level Maths revision tip: Memorising formulas is KEY!

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A-Level Maths exam tips

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A-Level Pure Maths students will be all too familiar with the number of equations and formulas that need to be memorised. It can become quite overwhelming when you’re in year 13 preparing for the big exams!

Specifically, there are four chapters with a lot of formulas, identities and equations: Radians in chapter 5, Trigonometry in chapters 6 & 7 and Integration in chapter 11.

The danger that many year 13 A-Level Maths students face is, they rely too heavily on the formula sheet provided. This sheet will include plenty of formulas you need but there are also lots more that aren’t included, and making sure you’re comfortable with them could be the difference between acing or failing your exam. 

Our A-Level Maths tutor and a Masters in Mathematics, Gevik, emphasises that relying on the provided formula sheet isn’t enough — you have to commit the formulas across these four chapters to memory and make sure you can call on them throughout the exam if required.

It’s the only way to truly guarantee that you’ll be comfortable with whatever topics are thrown at you.

Gevik’s top tips for memorising A-Level Maths formulas

  1. Make sure you include WRITING the formulas as part of the memorisation  process (e.g. look at the formula, try to remember it, then write it 5 times)
  2. Revisit a set of formulas after a few days to practise recalling them
  3. Go over plenty of past exam papers to put your formula memorisation into practice

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