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Between 2018-2019, our GCSE students jumped up 1.5 grades on average!

 Learn how our OFSTED registered tuition centre helps GCSE students achieve outstanding results 

About our GCSE Tuition in Alperton

Talent Engaged Tuition is an OFSTED registered tuition centre in Wembley. By combining exceptional tutors with a bespoke curriculum that’s aligned with major exam boards like AQA, Edexcel and OCR, our students achieve fantastic results, year after year.


Our tuition centre focuses on GCSE Maths, GCSE English and GCSE Science (Combined & Separate Sciences).


This will depend on the requirements of your child. Get in touch for a free assessment & trial, and we’ll consult you on the best options.

 What you can expect from our GCSE tuition

Small Groups

We group GCSE students based on year group, so a year 11 student will study with other year 11 students. (We also offer one-to-one tuition).

Teaching One Topic At a Time

Similarly to school, our tutors teach the entire class one specific topic per lesson. This keeps everyone aligned to a single goal of mastering that topic, and we use this approach throughout the academic year to cover the entire syllabus.

GCSE syllabus & exam preparation

students will be taught from our updated GCSE (9-1) syllabus, practise exam technique and learn how to deal with exam pressure.

Timetable options

Students can attend between 1-6 hours per week. A typical GCSE student will attend 6 hours per week (2 hours for Maths, English and Science), and this is usually split into 3 hours on one day, and 3 hours on another day.

Voted The Best Tuition Centre for GCSEs



Rated Excellent on TrustPilot 

What our students say

This tuition is one of the best ones I’ve ever gone to, personally speaking.
*The teaching is top-notch in terms of quality
*The teachers never refrain from assisting you if you are struggling
*Everyone is friendly in group classes
*There is always more given to you to improve on if the general concept is understood – always ensuring you get the best out of the tuition
*Consistent Homeworks tailored to all the concepts recapped to you in class”.

What parents say

“My son had a fabulous start to his GCSE studies, with lessons at the Talent Engaged Tution centre for Maths, Science and English! The centre is definitely very well organised with high quality teaching. Fabio, the manager is extremely helpful and encouraging. My son has scored 9 points in Maths, 9 points in all the sciences and 9 points in English.I would definitely recommend TE tuitions!👍 “.

Why more than 100 students attend our GCSEs tuition classes

Ofsted registered tuition centre

Being Ofsted registered means that you can be confident that your child will be educated in a safe & secure environment

Qualified & experienced tutors

To ensure a high quality learning environment & the best results, we only hire UK qualified & experienced tutors/teachers

Assessment every 6 weeks

Students sit an assessment every 6 weeks, which gives you a regular, real-time update on their academic performance

Results driven tuition centre

Our bespoke syllabus, paired with a high standard of teaching, has enabled students to produce fantastic results year after year

Modern educational facilities

We’ve created a positive environment where students learn in modern, well-lit classrooms on comfortable independent desks

Regular parent conferences

Provides an opportunity for parents to get feedback and discuss next steps with tutors every 12 weeks

Let’s talk about GCSE tuition

Are you OFSTED registered?

Yes, see our Ofsted page for more information on what this means and how it might be able to benefit you.

How long has Talent Engaged Tuition been operating?

Talent Engaged Tuition has been successfully providing top quality tutoring services to the local communities since November 2012.

Which days and times are the lessons?

Our lessons run on weekday evenings from 4.30-9pm and 10-4pm on weekends. Once we have completed the initial assessment & consultation, your child will be allocated to suitable classes based on their age and academic ability. Students are split into groups, like sets in schools. We have a number of groups available during the weekday evenings and weekends.

Do you offer 1-1 or Group lessons?

We offer options of both.

How much do lessons cost?

We do our best to offer customers value for money. We have a variety of packages available based on the number of subjects and lessons you enroll on too. An average hourly cost is around £15ph.

Do you use qualified tutors?

All our tutors are fully qualified to teach the lessons they cover. Some of our tutors are qualified teachers teach at schools and others are trained tutors highly qualified in their field. Our tutors are qualified from top British universities. All tutors at Talent Engaged Tuition undergo rigorous tutor training prior to teaching students and also receive regular training to ensure top quality teaching is provided to our students.

How many students are there in a class?

We have an average of 6 students per class, with a maximum of 9. This means that each student gets that individual attention every lesson because our tutors can spend adequate time with each student. We understand that although students should be challenged, they should not feel rushed and there should be plenty of time allowed to make sure they fully understand everything they are being taught.

How long will it take for me to see results in my child’s progression?

This is a question that truly reflects on each individual student and how much contribution to homework, classwork and revision they are willing to undertake. More or less, all of the students at Talent Engaged Tuition are dedicated and passionate students who want to learn and want to do well and are supported strongly by their families. We believe in pushing students and getting them to meet their true potential and beyond. On average, we have noticed that students can move up an academic level in about 6-8 months of joining. We are here for your child to progress!

How We Boosted Alperton's GCSE Students By 1.7 Grades 

In collaboration with Alperton Community School, we helped Year 11 students prepare for their GCSE exams.

1.7 Grades Up In Just 6 Weeks

For 6 weeks we worked in collaboration with Alperton Community School to support Year 11 students preparing for their GCSE exams in Maths, English & Science. Students were attending tuition for 6 hours per week.

On average, students that attended our 6-week booster classes saw an average improvement of 1.7 grades from their predicted grades provided by the school!

These fantastic results are proof of our ongoing quality of education, talented tutors and of course, the hard work of our students.

About our Alperton Tuition Centre

Talent Engaged Tuition started off as a one-classroom setup and now boasts 10 modern, purpose-built classrooms supporting students from Year 1 to A-Levels.

Thanks to our focus on exceptional tutors and delivering the best quality education through our bespoke curriculum, we’ve earned the trust of local councils and schools (Brent & Ealing Council and Alperton Community School & Preston Manor High School) for over 6 years.

Book a free trial here to learn more about how we can help yourchild produce exceptional results too.

Location & Directions

Opening Times

Monday1pm - 9pm
Tuesday1pm - 9pm
Wednesday1pm - 9pm
Thursday1pm - 9pm
Saturday10am - 5pm
Sunday10am - 5pm

A message from our Centre Manager

"The GCSE syllabus students learn here is aligned with all major exam boards and the new 9-1 specification. Just like at school, everyone gets taught the same topic which creates a productive and unified classroom environment.

Importantly, this system produces results. Over the last 2 years, students have successfully jumped 1.5 grades on average from their predicted to final GCSE result."

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